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Keweenaw Wild Bird REC

Keweenaw Wild Bird R.E.C. (Rehabilitation, Education, Conservation) mission is to provide rehabilitative care to sick, injured, ill, and orphaned native wild birds, excluding birds of prey. We also focus on school-aged education in addition to conservation projects to help local native birds. We feel strongly that teaching kids about our environment and the wild creatures that live amongst us will inspire and encourage them to protect our earth and its wild residents for many years to come. In 2021, we built nesting boxes with fourth and fifth graders at Dollar Bay-Tamarack school while teaching them about insectivores and the importance of these types of birds to our ecosystem. We are going to do a similar project in 2022. Conservation-wise, we are going to be doing a bird-specific native plant sale to encourage native planting which benefits our area for birds, pollinators, and other wildlife by providing food and shelter for our wild friends. Money raised will stay in our community to continue education and conservation programs benefiting our environment and continue to aid the feathered friends that call the Copper Country their home.


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