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Great Lakes Recovery Center

Great Lakes Recovery Centers believes that chemical dependency - alcohol or other drug addiction - is a disease that affects individuals, family members, and the community. The treatment of this illness can best be addressed with an array of services provided by caring professionals involving the individual, family, and community. It is only through this comprehensive approach that long-term recovery is strengthened.

Specifically in the Copper Country, they have the Ripple Recovery Residence in L'Anse and an outpatient office in Hancock. The Ripple Recovery Residence provides a recovery-oriented environment for women and their children (up to the age of 11). This type of specialty housing provides structure and support for those living in recovery and offers a safe environment for individuals to continue to heal from the impacts of addiction. Our staff is committed to helping residents gain life skills, make healthy decisions, and strengthen their recovery. Hancock Outpatient Services work with individuals who are troubled by: anxiety and/or depression, stress and difficulties in relationships, trauma and abuse (PTSD), and Substance Use Disorders (addiction/alcoholism).

GLRC provides diversified services across the Upper Peninsula, which includes ten Outpatient Service offices, four residential treatment centers, and four recovery houses. We provide services to vulnerable individuals such as parolees who are released in Upper Michigan to ensure they will not re-offend, youth and adults who struggle with Substance Use Disorder and frequently also struggle with mental illness and trauma, families who are affected by addiction, and rural communities that struggle with mental illness and substance abuse. Additionally, we coordinate several Communities that Care coalitions in the U.P., provide trauma assessments to children/youth aged 2-17, coordinate the First Aid Initiative courses for our communities, facilitate a Suicide Prevention Action Team in Marquette County, and offer short-term shelter for youth involved with Marquette Juvenile Courts who need emergency housing.

Great Lakes Recovery Center


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